Cash In Every Order Promotion Rules

On January 16th, 2023 all customers who place an order on will receive cash back in their order. The following rules and stipulations apply:

  • limit one cash back prize per customer, making multiple purchases will not result in multiple cash prizes.
  • Promotion will last while there is cash available, a grand total of $2540 will be given away. There will be a total of 496 individuals who will receive a prize.
  • customers may receive one of 8 cash prizes: $1 (300 winners), $2 (70 winners), $5 (50 winners), $10 (40 winners), $20 (30 winners), $50 (3 winners), $100 (2 winners) and $500 (1 winner).
  • The $500 winner will be decided using, drawing a number from 1-496, and finding that associated order number from the list of individuals who placed orders on January 16th. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, January 17th.
  • All other prizes will be distributed randomly throughout all the remaining orders placed. The cash will be mixed up as well as possible, and included in all the orders as they are fulfilled. The $500 winner's order will be excluded so as to not receive two prizes.

Good luck!