Honcho Giveaway Rules

1981 Jeep J10 Honcho Giveaway


Eligibility: Open to all 50 United States of America. You must reside within the US at time of participation. Not open to US territories. You must be 18 years or older to participate OR have permission of legal guardian. Lack of guardian permission will void participants entries. Immediate family members or those residing within the household of any Hodson Motorsports Employee or Owner are ineligible to participate. Entries will be granted to the name of the person who made the entry. Entries cannot be made in the name of another person. By participating in this promotion, contestants are bound by these rules and regulations.

Eligibility of Canadian Participants (Updated 11/5): Canadian citizens may participate in this promotion under the following stipulations: 1) Canadian participants must pay shipping on all their purchased products. 2) Save for cases of manufacturer defects or mistakes in orders, all returns and exchanges will be paid for by participants. 3) If the promotion winner is from Canada, it is their responsibility to export the vehicle from the USA to Canada. All applicable taxes, documents and fees are the responsibility of the promotion winner. Shipping costs will not be covered. If modifications to the vehicle need to be made for the vehicle to be imported into Canada, they will be done at the promotion winner's expense.

Build Process: This promotion involves customizing a 1981 Jeep J10 Honcho. Those who participate in the giveaway will receive votes as to how the truck is customized. The promotion will extend for the entirety of the build process. Participants will be able to vote on aspects of the build like: lighting, decals, wheels, tires, etc. The final version of the truck will be determined by the votes of all participants, not based off of the winner’s individual preferences. 

Voting: Participants will vote as to how the truck is built. They will receive one (1) vote for every $5 spent on Hodsonmotorsports.com. To vote, they enter the truck customization portal, found by clicking on the giveaway tab on the top of the home page. There, they will select all of the options they would like to see on the truck, and will be able to cast as many of their stockpiled votes as they would like. Votes are accumulated under the participant’s email that is used in the checkout process. One vote cast counts for ALL of the options the participant chooses for the truck. The participant chooses all of the options that they want, and votes for all of them simultaneously with one vote.

The voting will go for 4 weeks. All voting options will be available for the entire 4 weeks. When the 4 weeks are over, the options will be locked.

Promotion Period: Promotion begins on September 28th 2020 at 12:01 a.m. (PST) and will close on November 8th at 11:59 p.m. (PST).

How to Enter:

  1. Physical Goods: Purchase any product on Hodsonmotorsports.com. One (1) free entry will be granted per $5 purchased.
  2. Digital Goods: Purchase any digital products (screen savers, digital artwork, etc.) on Hodsonmotorsports.com. Digital artwork will automatically be emailed to the email address listed. Five (5) free entries will be granted per digital download.
  3. Mail-in Free Entries: To participate in the promotion without making a purchase, legibly handprint “1981 Jeep J10 Honcho Giveaway”, your name, complete street address, phone number and email address on a 4”x6” standard postcard. Do not place in an envelope. Mail to: Hodson Motorsports, 1920 Quail Point Ct. Las Vegas NV, 89117. Must have sufficient postage. All written entries must be legible. If any of these requirements are missing, the post card will not be counted. Limit one (1) free entry per household per day. All mail in entries must be 11/8/2020 to be counted in the giveaway. NO votes will be awarded for mail-in entries, just entries to win the promotion.

Deciding the Winner: This promotion will end on November 8thThe final version of the truck may be different than what you voted on, the truck will be built based on all votes. All mail-in entries must be received by this November 8th. On November 13th, the winner will be decided using a 3rd party random drawing service, Random.org, to ensure confidence in the promotion. The drawing will be broadcast on the Hodson Motorsports Instagram page, during a live stream event. The live stream will be open 30 minutes before the event begins for participants to ask questions. The winner will be chosen and immediately notified. The winner will be notified via: first, a telephone call to the phone number they provided, and second, an email to the email address provided. If the winner does not respond by November 16th at 11:59 PM, a new winner will be declared and the same process of notifying the winner will commence. Once the winner has acknowledged they won the promotion, the promotion will officially be closed.

Shipping: Hodson Motorsports will ship the 1981 Jeep J10 Honcho to their home/place of business. Free shipping will only be available to the continental United States. Winners in Alaska or Hawaii will be responsible for shipping. Hodson Motorsports will contract a licensed 3rd party shipping company after the promotion is closed.

Warranty: The aforementioned vehicle has no warranty. It is to be considered in good mechanical standing. Any mechanical or cosmetic issues that occur to the vehicle after delivery has occurred is the responsibility of the promotion winner. Hodson Motorsports is not liable for any repairs after delivery of the vehicle has occurred.

Title, Registration and Taxes: Hodson Motorsports is not liable to pay the fees associated with title, registration and taxes. Said fees are the responsibility of the Promotion Winner.

Liability: Hodson Motorsports and it’s owners are not liable for any harm, accident or death that may occur as a result of driving or operating these vehicles. Drivers and their passengers assume all risks that are involved in operating a vehicle or being a passenger. Promotion winners are responsible for inspecting the vehicle each time before they operate it.