About Us

We believe that smiles per gallon are more important than miles per gallon! Here at Hodson Motors, we have an obsession with classic trucks, and we love giving them away. 

This all started back in 2016, when father and son duo, Derrick and Riley, started collecting classic trucks. Derrick had retired from the plumbing and mechanical industry and needed a hobby. So for years, the two collecting cool trucks, and sharing their adventures on social media. Purely a hobby, with no business in mind. Pure fun, like classics should be!

Fast forward a few years, and some followers on Instagram wanted a chance to win one, so Riley set out designing merchandise and with the help of his wife, Deidra, they built a website. They spent countless hours learning marketing, sales, shipping and fulfillment all out of their dining room. They would put their two young children down for bed, and start packing orders into the wee hours of the morning. Working hard to create a fun experience for everyone who would love the chance to own a classic but might not have the time or money to invest in one.

The company remains small, and takes pride it that! No flashy warehouse, no extra frills to the giveaway. We run our giveaways for shorter periods of time than any of our competitors, we pack our orders daily, and we do it all as transparently as possible. No ridiculous entry multipliers for getting in on the right days, and we pick a winner live for all to see. 

We hope you will participate in a giveaway! We know you'll love what you buy, and will have a blast trying to win a cool classic truck.