About Us

Our Father and Son team consists of Derrick and Riley Hodson. Derrick dreams up these all these crazy builds, and charges Riley with figuring them out. We have a small shop in Las Vegas NV that more closely resembles a junkyard. We work with several other fabricators, mechanics, painters and upholsterers to be able to build so many projects at one time. Shops like: Nefarious Kustoms, Airth Defined, and Vegas Fleet are but a few of them.

This crazy addiction to classic trucks began in 2015 when Derrick bought his first classic truck, a 1965 Dodge Power Wagon. Derrick has long been a collector, from rocks, to arrow heads, to antique religious memorabilia, and now to classic trucks! After that Power Wagon, Derrick began creating these brain children with the classic jeeps, like the Honcho, JRT10 and the commando.

One day, Derrick stumbled upon something unique, and incredibly rare. A 1957 Chevy crew cab truck, called a 6 Man Cab. And from then on, the addiction to classic crew cabs began. Now boasting nearly 30 classic crew cabs, we have one of the largest and most diverse collection of classic crew cabs known to man.

Not only are we in love with anything with a back seat, but we also obsess over classic medium duty fenders. F600, F800, C30, you name it! We love all the big fenders, and for a reason. In our minds, proportions are everything. And nothing looks goofier than the guy who stuffs 37" tires under F100 fenders. The medium duty fenders, when paired with our custom, larger stepside beds, allow us to run 40" tires on our trucks and have them look proportional.

We don't pretend to build the nicest trucks out there, or the fastest trucks, or the most expensive, but we do like to think we are building trucks like no one else! We're definitely not afraid to do something different, or to cut into the sheet metal! And we're having a great time doing it. Don't take us too seriously, because we sure don't!